The Network promotes schorarly research on Western Esotericism connected to the area of Central and Eastern Europe not only by organizing biannual meetings, but also by publishing a series of monographs.

So far, we have published two volumes of our studies.

CEENASWE 1st Volume:

Studies on Western Esotericism in Central and Eastern Europe

Edited by Nemanja Radulović, Karolina Maria Hess

Published in Szeged: JATEPress 2019.

The book can be ordered HERE or downloaded HERE.

The publication is also the first volume in the Studies in Cultural Iconology of the Research Center for Cultural Iconology and Semiography, University of Szeged. Series editors are: György E. Szönyi (Managing Editor), Anna Kérchy, Atilla Kiss, and Ágnes Savay-Matuska

CEENASWE 2nd Volume:

Esotericism, Literature and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe   

Edited by Nemanja Radulović 

Published in Belgrade: Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade 2018.

The volume in open access can be downloaded HERE.