Research project “Polish Culture in Relation to Western Esoteric Philosophy, 1890–1939”

The largest so far project devoted to the field of Western Esotericism, entitled Kultura polska wobec zachodniej filozofii ezoterycznej w latach 1890-1939 [Polish Culture in Relation to Western Esoteric Philosophy, 1890-1939] has been launched in Poland in 2016.

The director of the project is Professor Monika Rzeczycka from the University of Gdańsk, who is also the head of the Laboratory of Non-Dogmatic Spirituality at the Faculty of Philology UG. The project group involves 19 academics from several Polish universities, a further group of 13 invited experts, PhD candidates, and students supporting research.

The main aims of the project are reconstruction of the development of esoteric groups and belief systems belonging to the history of Polish culture, and, in close connection to this, systematization of information concerning available source material – including creation of a map of private and public archives containing documents relevant to Polish esoteric milieus.

Research within the project is organized into six research groups assigned to main areas of interest, divided according to the object of study:

(1) Theosophy,

(2) Anthroposophy,

(3) Spiritualism and Spiritism,

(4) Masonic and Para-Masonic organizations,

(5) Other esoteric formations, and individuals outside institutional structures,

(6) Opponents, polemists and sympathizers – esotericism in the public debate.

A very interesting part of the project is also the creation of an online lexicon of Polish esotericism, which will bring together the material collected over three years by all the research groups.

The project is financed in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s “National Programme for the Development of Humanities” for years 2016–2019 (NPRH 0186/NPRH4/H2B/83/2016).

NPRH naglowek

For the further information see:

The official website of the project:



Karolina Maria Hess


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